Our Services

Semper Paratus

Security Consultants

We deliver highly educated and discrete consultants to the Private and Public who are in demand for a review of their own or others security solutions.

Reach out to us for an pleasant and safe call without obligations.

Technical Consultants

Communication and technical solutions

- Unsertain if someone is using your equipment without proper authorisation?

Want us to have a look at you system at your discretion and search for unwanted Malware and other faults.

Or maybe you need CCTV or Radio Communication?.

We provide some of this service with another Norwegian Telecommunications company for your safaty.

Contact us today.

Operational support

We can provide Operational support at most events and situations, we have long experience in operational management, control room and Forward operations bases.

If you require immediate assistance, we are ready to respond imediatly.

Healthcare consultans

We deliver NRR approved instructors to you!

We are NRR approved instructors in the following:

- GHLR (Basic CPR)
- NGF (Basic first aid)
- DHLR (CPR With Defibrilator)
- HHLR (First aid for Healthcare professionals)
- HHLR Re-sertification (Resertification as required by law)
- AHLR (Advanced First aid including medications)
- AHLR Re-sertification (Resertification as required by law)
- Other First aid traning (Contact us for more information)

Tailored Solutions

Are you in need of a consultant or traning, but unsre of what you need?

Contact us and we will help you find what you need, togehter we can provide the best tailored solution for you and your comany.

VIP Personnel

We can supply VIP Personnel to fit your needs, some of the personnel we supply is in collaboration with an external company.

We deliver personnel on a regular basis to traffic and correctional institutions

Feel free to contact us for more information! 

OIf you cant find your solution here, dont hesitate to contact us, and we will assess your case and we are sure we can resolve it!