About us

A Company out of the ordanary

Who are DS?

Dyngen Solutions is a Course and Consulting company that has been focusing on Quality and Professionalism for our partners for a long time, whether you as a private individual or you who run a group and country, with us you are taken care of and will receive continuous follow-up in the the services you choose with us. Our experience is broad and we can mention, for example, over 10 years of operational Security Service, First Aid and Rescue Service, we now have courses and consultancy services within the respective fields. 

We are members of IPO (interpolice)

Our Vision:
Our vision is short but very clear, It is to be able to deliver safe, quality assured solutions to you!

D.Dyngen | Managing Director

A few words from our Managing Director.

Semper Paratus - (Translated from Latin: Allways prepared! )

¨It was the words Semper paratus that was the beginning for us, in the sense always prepared, I meant that if we are to make people really feel looked after, we must deliver Quality and always be prepared for today's situations, I mean the following with professionalism heaviness, and that is that everyone can deliver quantity, but you must really work hard if you are to deliver Quality. - It can be mentioned with great confidence that we have, as of today, only delivered quality assured services to our customers, with very good feedback, and we are incredibly proud of that!¨


Clients word for it!


Art and gallery 

"Had a very positive experience with Dyngen Solutions. We requested one last minute assignment and they were more than helpful with everything we needed! Great service! Highly recommended 👍🏼 "

Legal Advisor

Forensic Science

¨I would recommend his company to anyone who wants a professional player in personal security, security of objects and training in security. " 


Security Personnel 

"A holistic and professional player in security, risk analysis and has the ability to function when needed as such " 


Course Participant

"We chose courses at Dyngen Solutions and we must say that we have never met such welcoming and friendly people before. Recomended!¨